How do we build our solutions and create value?


Each market has its own inherent characteristics, which make it unique:

  • Environmental characteristics
  • Cultural background
  • Species cultivated
  • Dimension of the fish producers and their economic strategy

Before proposing a solution, we learn with and from our clients: 

  • Water temperature range and quality
  • Average production cycle
  • Harvest size
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Economical targets
  • End consumer expectations in terms of size, taste, aspect

R&D Policy:

One of the main strategic drivers at SOJA DE PORTUGAL and AQUASOJA is innovation. As such, we have established a number of partnerships over time with the purpose of developing sustained work guided by the most demanding R & D standards. Concomitantly, SOJA DE PORTUGAL believes in open innovation, developing projects not only internally but also through a network of suppliers, scientific institutes and other partners.  In this way we have succeeded in being at the forefront of major trends in the sector.


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